Sunday, 12 November 2017

Overwinter Cruise Week 5

Sunday 5th November - Bonfire Night

We are staying today at our mooring as it is really quiet and we shouldn't be disturbed by fireworks.

In the afternoon we decided to go for a walk back along the canal and follow the Shropshire Way bringing us back onto the Prees Branch and back to the boat.

Unfortunately we lost the footpath around Prees Moss and had to retrace our steps - a decent amount of miles but not a very satisfactory walk!

Monday 6th November - Prees Branch to Whitchurch Arm

A glorious autumn morning, even Toby is happy to be out and about!  

A super day to go cruising!

We passed nb Chimera and were delighted to see how they had stacked their wood on their roof, we had wondered if the wood would get soaked in the rain, but the bark tends to repel the rain and it doesn't absorb too much moisture.  Very clever!

We arrived at Whitchurch and instead of going through the lift bridge we went into the arm and moored up immediately on the first available moorings.  

This is so that we can reverse out of the arm when we are ready to move on and straight through the lift bridge.  Cunning!

We had a pleasant walk into Whitchurch and took Toby to the vet for his annual inoculation - this meant that he spent the rest of the evening flaked out on the boat!

Tuesday 7th November - Whitchurch

Today the forecast is for rain so we have decided to spend the day here.  Dave did a shop in Whitchurch and Toby and I had a very lazy time on the boat!

After the rain the skies cleared and there was a stunning sunset behind the lift bridge.

As the temperatures dropped, we decided to light the wood burner for the first time this year.  Certainly made the boat warm and cosy!

Wednesday 8th November - Whitchurch to above bridge 24

Woke this morning to another frost, the ropes were frozen in place and remained that way for some time!

Nb Holbers was moored further back along the arm, we last saw her at Tilstock Park, perhaps she moored up here for the winter?

We prepared to set off, reverse out the arm and go through the lift bridge.  There was a boat coming through so that was good, the lift bridge was ready.... but no, the lady insisted on putting the bridge back down otherwise she wouldn't be able to get back on the boat!  THEN her boat reversed and she jumped on without crossing the bridge, how rude!

I walked along the towpath towards Grindley Brook where we were going to put on water and empty out rubbish.

I do have a dog with me, but he is way behind walking with the boat!

Grindley Brook staircase locks - no lock keepers so we knew we would have to work them ourselves. We sat at the top and watched 4 boats come up. We had to go and tell the next boat that we were coming down, so would they please wait. They seemed most put out, as they were in a queue of 6 boats. The boards suggest it should be three boats up, three boats down in busy times and isn't it just polite to check if there is something waiting rather than assuming they can just keep coming?  Now I'm sure it doesn't happen on single locks, so why is it different on a staircase lock?

A stunning tree on the single locks at Grindley Brook, quite close to the fuel station and the Horse and Jockey.

We moored up just past bridge 25 at the open visitor moorings.  We took ourselves off for a walk into Marbury as we had never been there before.

A beautiful day with a lovely reflection of the cloud in the still canal.

A field of sheep in Marbury - I think these are Oxford Down? and they are bred for their fleece.  Looked very woolly!

The church seemed well looked after with a large modern vicarage attached but...

....the local pub is in a state of disrepair and is having work done on it.

Will it continue as a pub or be redesigned as something else?

Thursday 9th November - Bridge 24

Spent the day on the boat, with a walk back to Willeymoor Lock to have lunch.  We also booked Richard on the fuel boat to call alongside to fill up with diesel.

Dave had to return to the boat from Willeymoor Lock so Richard could put the diesel on for 
us.  Sandwiches were nice and the walk was very pleasant.

That evening there was another spectacular sunset!

Friday 10th November - Bridge 24 to Wrenbury

Today we set off in quite windy but sunny conditions for Wrenbury.  

I worked the lift bridge, electrically operated, and Dave took the boat through.   We moored up towards the end of the visitor moorings, where it is rather muddy, so wellington boots are the order of the day!

In the afternoon we explored the footpaths to the north of Wrenbury, lovely waymarked routes across fields and back along the towpath.

We then walked into the village to the Post Office Stores and passed a new housing development, a very pleasant place to live!

Saturday 11th November - Wrenbury

A lazy start to the day and then we met up with our friends, Anne and Steve, for an early Christmas get together. (Hence the Christmas jumpers!)

We had a lovely lunch at The Bhurtpore Arms in Aston and afterwards Anne drove us back to Wrenbury.  Lovely to see you both and looking forward to meeting up again next month!

This is the last week we shall spend on the Llangollen Canal, next week we shall move onto the Shropshire Union, Middlewich Branch and then onto the Trent and Mersey Canal - slowly!

Map Key   Week 1 - Brown   Week 2 -  Purple   Week 3 - Dark Blue   Week 4 - Light Blue
                   Week 5 - Green

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