Sunday, 14 January 2018

Overwinter Cruise Week 11

Sunday 17th December - Great Haywood

Today we have stayed at Great Haywood as it was still pretty frozen and cold.

Monday 18th December - Great Haywood to Bourne Boatyard, Penkridge

A hazy day with the sun just poking over the hedgerows.

By about mid morning we decided to move the boat down to the boatyard next door to Midland Chandlery.   The canal was defrosted around the junction and we looked forward to a gentle cruise.

The Gatehouse at Tixall Wide could just be made out in the mist, and from then onwards the canal seemed to freeze over again and we were needing to edge our way through a narrow channel cut by previous boats.

We passed a couple of boats, waiting patiently for us to exit the channel so they could proceed towards Great Haywood.  The journey took longer than we anticipated but we eventually arrived at the boatyard and moored up. 

Tuesday 19th December - Penkridge

Sunrise over the boatyard.

Laura and Amy came to collect us mid morning and we left the boat with Wayne and Daniel to work on over the Christmas/New Year period.  

Wednesday 10th January 2018 - Penkridge

Today we returned to Ella for the second part of our Overwinter Cruise.  A little later than we originally intended as I was struck down by a very nasty bout of flu and not fit enough to get out of bed let alone steer a boat!!! 

We spent the time on the boat unpacking and organising the boat for when we set off tomorrow.

Thursday 11th January 2018 - Penkridge to Deptmore Lock

Before we set off we paid a visit to Midland Chandlery next door and bought a few items for the boat - a collapsible bowl to wash Toby's paws and tummy in after a muddy walk - honestly!!

We then put on water and diesel before descending back down the lock and heading towards Great Haywood.

Our original plan of heading through Penkridge has been scuppered as the two locks have been closed for winter works and won't reopen until 26th January.

We made our way through Deptmore Lock and found a wide open stretch of canal just below the lock, a clear TV signal and a very quiet and pleasant mooring for the night.

Friday 12th January 2018 - Deptmore Lock to Great Haywood

Today we are going to Great Haywood.  Dave did the majority of the steering and I stayed below, doing bits and pieces.  

A lovely example of a grey heron strutting through the adjacent field.

We have brought the bread maker onto the boat and I wanted to try it out.  All worked splendidly until it began to bake the bread and it must have tripped the electric sockets as by the time we moored up the sockets were dead.  Dave flipped the trip switch back and all was good and the bread finished off baking in the oven.

We moored up just past the junction at Great Haywood heading towards Rugeley, although it was fairly busy there was just enough space for Ella and we slotted in with no fuss and tied up for the night.

Saturday 13th January 2018 - Great Haywood

A quiet day, with my first lengthy walk since being poorly.  We walked along the canal. into the Shugborough Estate, around the outside of the Mansion and back to the canal over The Essex Bridge.

Map Key   Week 1 - Brown   Week 2 -  Purple   Week 3 - Dark Blue   Week 4 - Light Blue
                   Week 5 - Green    Week 6 Olive Green   Week 7 - Yellow  Week 8 - Orange  

                   Week 9 - Pink      Week 10 - Dark Pink     Week 11 - Dark Brown

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  1. Hope you have a good cruise and are fully recovered! We are snowed-in here in Sedrun - well over a metre deep and no ski lifts working because of avalanche risk!