Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Completion of the hull

Our boat is being built by a company called Bourne Boatbuilders, the main people are Wayne and his son Daniel, both have been working on and building boats for many years.  

Whilst we were away on our share boat, Minuet, Daniel sent us some more pictures of the boat,

This is the bow of Ella showing the space 
where the doors will go.  There is space in the bow to store two gas canisters which will provide us with cooking facilities.  

This is the stern of Ella.  Ella will have a semi-traditional stern, which will give us a good amount of living space inside the boat.  You can see where the doors will eventually go and the round hole where the tiller will be attached. There will also be space for a flagpole to be attached so Dave can fly his Harlequins flag!

The next stage is to continue building the sides and top of the boat, as well as begin to make the wooden interior.  The order for the wood will be going in this week, we have chosen oak for the boat as it is hard wearing and a good warm colour.   

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