Sunday, 4 January 2015

Looking more like a boat!!

Ella and windows from the stern

Ella has had the sides and top welded onto the bottom of the boat.  We have chosen to have rectangular windows throughout the boat as opposed to port hole style.  This is in order to get as much natural light into the boat as possible.

Storage areas

The boat has been designed to have the maximum amount of storage areas.  This is at the stern of the boat.  Lots of space for those essential items.

The tiller

At the stern of the boat you can see the tiller in place attached to the rudder.  The rudder lies beneath the water and all you will see is the top rounded part of the steel.  This is the method used to steer the boat.  Amazing to think that this will steer 57ft of steel through our canals!

Position of flag pole.

Dave has had a flagpole made out of oak which will be attached to a flagpole holder.  The holder will be welded onto the boat behind the tiller.  He intends flying the Harelquins flag!!!

The bow of the boat

This is the bow of the boat showing where the double doors will be. They will be wooden doors with glazed panels once again to let in as much light as possible.

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