Friday, 23 January 2015

Inside Ella

The majority of the work so far has been on the hull of Ella.  However in the workshop, work has also begun on the inside of Ella.

Bulk Heads

These are the wooden partitions that mark out the rooms within the boat.  At the moment they are being waxed and polished.


This is the tongue and groove ceiling ready to go into the boat.  The wood has been treated, waxed and polished, and will run lengthwise down the boat.  

Flooring and bed

In this photograph Wayne is holding part of the wooden flooring which will be put down on top of the ballast.  The ballast is used to keep the boat upright in the water.

In the front of the photograph you can see an example of the bed we are having in the bedroom.  We are having a crosswise bed, it will go across the width of the boat and the narrow part of the mattress folds away in to the side of the boat during the day so you can easily walk past it. 


Daniel is holding up an example of the type of window we are having on Ella.  We have chosen a brushed chrome frame with double glazed windows.  All the windows will be this shape, some smaller, some larger, so that the boat will be flooded with natural light.  

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