Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Inside Ella

On the 26th March Dave and I went to see Ella again, she was very much in the same state, but the woodwork had been removed and been put back into the workshop to continue working on.  

However this was a good opportunity for us to go shopping for the fixtures and fittings for the inside of the boat.  

Daniel drove us to Stoke-on-Trent where we began our shopping spree.  We began by visiting Nettlebank, a dealer that dealt with worktops for the kitchen and bathroom.  We decided to go with granite for the worktops and decided to visit the granite suppliers in Derby so that we could choose our very own piece of granite.

French Oak

We then moved on to choose flooring for the boat. We went to Amtico Flooring and began by choosing the wooden flooring for the bedroom and living areas.  We decided on French Oak as this would complement the wood already being used on the boat.


We then went on to choose the tiling for the bathroom and kitchen.  We decided on Limestone as it was a warm, neutral colour, easy to keep clean.

Sienna Fabric

We then went on to visit Foam Furnishings where we choose material for curtains and cushions.

We choose a fabric called Sienna for the curtains through out the boat.  The same fabric is going to be made into cushions with some cushions being made in plain cream, coral and olive to match the colours in the curtain fabric.

Black Marble Gloss

Our final call was to a firm called Showerwall, where we choose the backing for the shower.  We decided on a black marble gloss, the material is one piece from top to bottom and is fitted into the corner of the bathroom.

Following this visit, Dave and I spent 3 weeks in New Zealand visiting Dave's sister and boys, and doing a wonderful road trip of the South Island.

Once we were back we were able to set up a visit to KSG, the Granite suppliers in Derby. We spent ages wandering up and down huge collections of enormous granite slabs.  

Sivikashi Granite

We eventually choose a slab called Sivikashi from Indian.  


A warm random pattern of creams, browns and reds.

Our next visit to see Ella is on Good Friday, can't wait to see what changes have been made since we have been away!!!


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