Thursday, 28 May 2015

Ella's Rooms

Well, welcome back!!

I do apologise for the lack of communication over the past couple of months but I have been struggling with a misconception that Ella has been taking too long to complete.

We had been thinking that she would be in the water and ready to cruise by May, and when May came and went with very little progress I was bitterly disappointed!!  We have been looking at the timescale again and realise that was unrealistic and the proposed date for completion now being the end of June is far more achievable.  

So I am back with the last lot of photos and as we are visiting Ella again on Monday 1st June, you should see a big difference in the next set of photos.  

Bed frame

This is the frame of the fixed bed.  The bed comes in two parts, the bottom third of the bed folds away during the day so that you can work through the bedroom easily.

Bottom third of bed housing.

This is already installed on the boat and is the housing for the bottom third of the bed. It can also be used as a shelf to display or store items.

Position of bed showing bedside cupboards

Here we can see where the bed will go between the bedside cupboards which will have drawers and cupboards in them.


This is the unit in the walk through bathroom which will have the sink in it with cupboards beneath.  Beside it will go the composting toilet and opposite will go the shower cubicle.


The living area has an L-shaped sofa which will pull out to make a double bed. Next to the sofa will be space to house a stool to put my feet up on after a busy day on the cut!!!
In the opposite corner will be the woodburner, which will keep us cosy during the winter months.

Outdoor coats cupboard

At the stern of the boat there will be storage space for wet outdoor coats and boots so that you don't walk them through the boat at the end of a wet day. The smaller cupboard will be housing all the electrical boards.


The walk through kitchen will have the gas hob and fridge on the side shown.  There will also be base cupboards and wall cupboards.  On the other side will be a one and a half sink/drainer in stainless steel and the oven.  The washer/dryer was going to go in there as well, but it would leave very little space for storage, so we decided to put it in the large wardrobe in the bedroom.

Dining Area

The next room down from the kitchen is the dinette, which will be raised off the ground, with a large window, so you will have a beautiful view whilst eating your meals.

Cratch Frame

At the bow of the boat will be a wooden frame that will have a cratch cover attached to it.  This acts a bit like a tent, giving you extra water tight space.  The cover will have plastic windows in it and can be rolled up both sides during the warmer weather and to allow easy access to the bow of the boat.

As I said earlier, Dave and I will be visiting again next Monday and we are looking forward with great excitement to see what else has been done.  In the meantime the spare room is gradually filling up with all the items we need to make Ella a 'home from home'!

Spare room

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