Friday, 10 July 2015

We have windows!!!

Thursday 4th July

We were very excited to visit again, we weren't sure where the boat would be or what would have happened to it since our last visit.

Ella remains in the yard as there is another boat being worked on in the workshop, but the fittings have come on a lot.  

Toby at the foot of the steps.

Toby still can't get on board yet so he was tethered to the steps when we first got there.  Then the rain started so one of the joiners took him inside the workshop where he lay down under a huge machine!!

The bedside cupboard.

The units beside the bed have drawers in them and the fronts are in the workshop completed and waiting to be put on.

Washing machine

The washer / dryer has been installed and yes there is just room to open and close the door!!

Bedroom Television

Opposite the bed there is installed the casing for a television.  The televisions will use signals provided from a TravelSat system that will be on the roof of the boat whilst we are moored up and stored in the engine compartment whilst we are cruising.

Kitchen drawers

The units in the kitchen are having drawers fitted and the fridge will go beside them.

Television unit

This is the unit which will house the television set in the lounge area. There will be space to put books/DVD/CD's on shelves as well.

Airing cupboard

This is a cupboard at the stern of the boat which has the hot water cylinder in it.  It will be an airing cupboard as well as an area to dry off wet clothes.

Houdini Hatch

Pigeon Box

These two are going in the kitchen and the lounge to give added ventilation.  These are the frames to go inside the boat.


Window frame

All the windows are in now.  We have chosen rectangular shaped windows to allow for maximum light in the boat.  Each of the windows will be finished off with a wood frame.

Bathroom storage

This is storage beside the shower where you can keep spare towels.  It also shows the panels of leatherette material which will go on the sides of the boat where there are no windows.


Ready to go down the steps
The woodburner is from Clearview stoves.  We installed a larger one in our home and liked it so much we decided to have the smaller version on the boat.  Wayne was a little over awed by the size, but we are happy with it.  The other problem he had was that it wasn't black!!!

Here is the woodburner on the boat in about the right position.  We need to choose some tiles to go under and around the fire to make it fire retardant and safe.  The space underneath the burner is ideal for storing logs before they go on the fire.

Side Doors

Here I am looking out the side doors showing the panelling on the doors.  There will be another set of doors on the inside which will be double glazed.


This will be attached to the bow of the boat and will have a tent like affair on it to give extra shelter to the bow seating area.

Bow doors

These are the doors to go at the bow of the boat, again with windows to let in maximum light.


These are the windows to go in the bow doors.  They are very clever as the blinds are inside the double glazed windows, what a great idea!!!

Friday 10th June

We have successfully pre-registered Ella with the Canal and River Trust!!!  

This means we now have a unique number for Ella.  Our number is 523355 and we wanted the number early so that the signwriter can paint the number onto the boat instead of displaying the aluminium plates.  The overall effect is much more pleasing. 

Next visit is Friday 17th July.    

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