Friday, 14 August 2015

Ella's Appliances

14th August 2015

The last visit to see Ella was 25th July 2015.  As reported at the end of the previous post we have received our registration number so that the signwriter can paint the sign onto the boat. 

Mug shot!!!

We were so excited when these came through.  It really felt as though things were moving forward.

Airing Cupboard

Hot water tank is beneath the slates on the left hand side.  The water is heated by the diesel so as long as we are cruising then there will be unlimited hot water.  When we are moored up and not cruising then there is an electric immersion heater for the water.

Space for TV

The television will be mounted into the top space and the shelving beneath can be used for DVD and book storage.  To the left of the photo is the  woodburner.


We have chosen not to have a vacuum cleaner on board as they are bulky and difficult to store.  There are no carpets, just rugs, so the floors will be swept and the sweepings will be sucked into a space saving device mounted under the units in the kitchen. 


In the galley there is a full sized fridge with a small freezer compartment.  Ample space for two people.


There is a full sized oven with a baking compartment and a full sized grill.  I do like my toast grilled perfectly!!

Wine cooler

The wine cooler is on the opposite side from the fridge and will be great for chilling wine and keeping bottles of water cool as well.

Space for hob

The hob will be above the oven and is going to be three rings in a linear design. The hob and oven are the only gas appliances on the boat.

Composting toilet

This is where the toilet will be positioned.  It is a separator arrangement, solids kept separate from liquids and there is a fan unit attached to kept the solids tank aerated and any smells out of the boat. Fascinating topic of conversation!!!

Shower unit

Full sized shower unit with pie shaped tray and sliding doors.

Towel radiator

Small radiator for drying towels in the bathroom, there is also another radiator on the other side of the bathroom, so important to keep to warm.

As it stands Ella was moved into the paintshop this week and they are in the process of stripping the exterior back to bare steel and putting a new coat of primer on her.  Once that is done then the top coats of paint will be applied.

We are looking forward to seeing this and meeting with the signwriter to discuss the painting of the name decorations onto the sides.  

Once this has been completed we believe it will then be a matter of weeks before she is put into the water.  It is all very exciting!!!


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