Monday, 28 September 2015

Launch Day!!!

Monday 28th September

A beautiful bright blue sky, the sun shining down and today was the launch of Ella onto the Trent and Mersey Canal.

Our good friends, Anne and Steve, arrived soon after us, a complete surprise for us, but it was lovely to see them and they stayed with us for the whole day and enjoyed the spectacle.

We arrived at the Boatbuilders at 8.30 in the morning and watched Ella being brought out of the shed.

She was then hoisted up in the air by an enormous crane.

Then very gently placed on the back of a low loader.

The lorry drove her very carefully to the carpark of the Broughton Arms pub in Rode Heath where she waited for the crane to follow her down.

The crane then lifted her slowly off the lowloader and spun her round to be placed very gently onto the canal.

Ella sitting in the water where we have left her for the night, we shall return tomorrow and load everything onto her ready to start the cruise to her home for this year.

A fantastic day, we are over the moon with the boat and feel so excited and emotional over this most amazing day.

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  1. How brilliantly exciting!! What a day! The photos are great. Enjoy the cruise "home". You have good weather for it. Bet you are having fun finding places to store everything and getting to know Ella's characteristics. Happy days! X