Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Sparkling, shiny paint job!!!

1st September 2015

We went to visit Ella yesterday and were mightily pleased to see the progress that has been made.  Although the paintwork is not yet finished we are very happy with the choice of colour and the effect so far.

Door with blind

These doors are very clever as the windows are all double glazed and the blinds are between the panels of glass.  This means the blinds don't swing about and even more importantly don't get dirty!!!  See how shiny the paint is, my reflection is very clear!

Stern of Ella

Here is Dave standing at the stern of the boat. You can clearly see the propeller under the boat and the rudder in front of it.

Flag pole attached!!

Dave is very pleased to see the bracket for the flag pole and how it will look when it is attached.  
There is also a bracket that we can attach a bicycle carrier onto when we are ready.

These are the various control panels which will help us to look after the boat and the engine. We don't really know what they all do but Daniel will explain everything during the handover and there will be documents in folders for everything on the boat.  Exciting bedtime reading!


The three ring hob has still to be placed in the work surface, but it has only just arrived.  This and the oven are the only appliances to use gas.

Lounge lighting

Wall lamps in the lounge along with spotlights in the ceiling.  All the lighting is LED so power consumption should be very low. 

Kitchen work surface and sink

The work surface is made from the granite slab we went and chose from Derby.  We are very pleased with the colour and the way it lightens the kitchen area.


Wayne is holding the tap in place to give an impression of what it will look like when finished.  Simple but effective.

Bathroom sink

The bathroom is most impressive with the shower, sink and enormous mirror in place.  It does look lovely.

Bedroom television

The bedroom has it's own small TV with a dressing table area underneath it.  Wayne is going to put some additional lighting under the frame of the television.

Dave in the kitchen

Door design

Here you can see the red and black clearly.  There will be a cream coach line between the two colours.

Beside our boat is another boat that is being worked on as well. 


You can see the brackets clearly here, the flat one is for the flag pole and the upright one is for the bicycle carrier.

What next?  The signwriter appears to be on holiday, so that will have to wait until he reappears.  We are away on holiday ourselves during September, so are unable to take delivery of Ella until the end of the month.

Once everything has been finished, the boat will be covered in polythene sheeting to protect it and left where it is.

The date for launching the boat is 28th September 2015, an independent surveyor will then survey it and hopefully pass it, and a safety certificate will be provided.

We are visiting again on Friday and if Andy Russell is available we might get to meet him.  If not we have given Daniel drawings of what we want painted on the boat.  

After so long it feels amazing to know that the boat will be ready for us to cruise away in before the end of the month!!  So exciting!!


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  2. hi Janet great blog and photos, can you tell me the source of your windows with blinds please?

    1. Hi Caroline and Martin, we are visiting the boatyard tomorrow as Andy Russell is starting the artwork on our boat at 7.30am, so we shall have plenty of time to find out a link for the windows with blinds. Will let you know as soon as possible.

  3. You blog is excellent and it gave me a lot of pleasure to look at the progress of you new boat. I am also just a little envious! There has been a tremendous amount of clever design work incorporated and some fantastic thought given to create such a wonderful combination of features.

    It is beyond criticism - It's lovely! There is just one very minor point, (I think it is too late to incorporate if considered including), and this is concerning the stunning marble kitchen worktop. (I too have marble worktops)

    I would have liked to have seen a groove between the stainless sink insert and the front edge, going the whole width, with a drain groove going back into the 2 sink sections

    I find that this area gets splashed when washing up and the excess water tends to roll off the leading edge and then makes the floor wet. If I was doing my worktops again, I would have this modification done to reduce the tendency to have a wet floor in front of the unit when washing up

    I'm a bit energetic at this, as I don't like washing up, so usually put a towel on the floor!

    - just thought I would mention this in case you find the same. This in no way detracts from your wonderful creation! It is "Dreamingly Mouthwatering"

    You must be so excited! Happy Cruising and sincere regards, ~Allan~

    1. Hi Allan, thank you for your kind comments!! We have put a lot of thought and research into the design of the layout and along with the boatbuilders devised various different ways of creating space.

      The marble worktop has turned out stunning as you say and I think somewhere in the past we did talk about having the draining area slightly indented into the marble to aid with the draining of the water. As it is, the marble has been ground so that there is a very slight slope all around the sink area to enable the water to drain back towards the sink and not onto the floor. It is not at all obvious from the photos, so we shall just have to see if it is successful. If not, then a towel on the floor will have to be used!!!

      We are very excited and tomorrow we go and meet Andy Russell for the signwriting, and following that the boat will be wrapped up until we get back from holiday. Hope to see you around, regards Janet