Friday, 4 September 2015


Friday 4th September

Great excitement, we had an e-mail from Daniel to say that Andy Russell would be arriving at the boatyard at 7.30am on Friday to begin work on our boat!!!

So, up at 6am and on the road by 6.30 to meet him!

Andy Russell (L) and Wayne (R)

We talked through our ideas, took advice on what would work and what wouldn't, decided on the colours for the writing and Andy set to work straight away.

Chalk on the paint

This is an example of the way in which Andy works.  In fact the number has now been changed to 33 and all he did was rub it out and put in the new number.

Slogan to be painted on a ribbon

Dave's slogan for the majority of this year has been  'One it.'  and it is going to be painted onto this ribbon.

Engine in situ

Sparkling clean engine, how long will it stay like this?

Control Panel

The electrician was working on connecting all the wiring whilst we were there. 

Hob in place

Hob has now been fitted into it's space above the oven and we are pleased with how smart it looks and how easy to keep clean as well!!

Kitchen cupboard

The pull out drawers have been put in and are very handy for using all the available space without having to get on hands and knees to see what is right at the back!!


The dining area is on a raised plinth so that we can see out the large window just above the table.  This will also convert into a double bed.

The signwriting will take most of the day, so we decided to leave them to it and return home. Daniel will send through photos of the finished work later on today.

We drove home via Overwater Marina and called in so that we could see where our mooring was.  We also paid our £10 deposit for the fob to allow us into the secure parking for our mooring area. 
Electric hookup

This is where our boat will live and where can hookup for mains power and water.


Here is the view from the boat when we are moored up and going nowhere!!!

The next time we see Ella she will be hoisted on to the back of a lorry, driven down to the canal and hoisted into the water.  We are looking forward to it immensely!

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